We are a Latin American company dedicated to the development of design and technology projects applied to the medical area.

Pioneers in developing an automatic medicines dispenser. This equipment decongests pharmacies in health care centers and in turn dramatically reduces the waiting time for patients to receive their medications.


Our most recent development, the "Clinical Cabinet System", seeks to reduce medication errors and improve the administration of medications to hospitalized patients with a cabinet and a dispensing cart with the latest generation of electronic and computer engineering.


As a company, we seek to solve problems at health care centers for both hospital in- and outpatients, developing technology that fits our Latin American reality.



María Paz Mandiola Bunster

Product Design and Development Manager


"CERTUS LATAM consolidates the experience and creativity of more than 17 years of professionals from Latin America, dedicated to improve health, to increase the quality of service to the beneficiaries or patients of our clients, to provide technological tools with the highest security and service standards to trained and qualified professionals, as well as improving operational efficiency and the use of our clients' resources."



Reduce medication errors for hospitalized patients. New dispensing system that allows traceability and safety in the administration of medicines to patients, with a set of equipment such as: a clinical cabinet and an assisted dispensing cart.



The developed solution is an integrated automated system that allows patients to collect their treatment scheme from a dispenser.





Attend patients in your health care center without queues, reduce waiting times and improve safety with our self-care system.


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El "Sistema de

Gabinete Clínico",

es un conjunto de

equipos formado por una

Máquina Almacenadora y un Carro Dispensador Asistido para realizar y controlar la entrega y administración de medicamentos a pacientes hospitalizados por parte del enfermero encargado de turno en un sector determinado del hospital o clínica.

El dispensador de

medicamentos CERTUS

nace de la necesidad

reducir el tiempo de

espera en la entrega de

medicamentos a pacientes crónicos en consultorios y centros de salud públicos.

Por eso diseñamos un sistema seguro, rápido, eficiente, económico y, por sobre todo, simple de usar para el paciente.